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Never the journey of real estate ownership with us from the idea. IDEX discusses ideas, answers questions and makes the right decision with you

We choose with you the right place to buy the property, and we explain to you the real estate prices that keep pace with market changes, and we provide cash payment options or installments with finding the appropriate guarantees, while providing options in obtaining the property ready for investment through rental returns or to obtain the investment benefit through resale. In the projects under construction, and then we inform you of the appropriate times to purchase real estate according to the policy of supply and demand, then we do all after-sales services from reviewing purchase contracts and legal reviews related to land, real estate and investments

Our services

At idex we take you to the top

Real estate investment opportunities

Because the real estate market is very variable, and because the demand of our clients varies from one client to another, we are here to create opportunities that suit everyone, with all financial plans, and different investment goals.

Specialized real estate and legal advice

We have a team of specialized consultants who keep pace with everything that occurs in the real estate market, accompanying services and new laws, which are updated by the Turkish state, and whose mission is to provide you with the best advice.

Settlement and Naturalization Services

Coming to Turkey faces many challenges, from the difference in language, place and way of life, and the nature of the Turkish people and laws, so we help our clients in everything related to stability, residency, opening counters, bills, and services for obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment

If you asked people what they want, they would say faster horses

Henry Ford – Inventor of the Car

Are you ready to start your real estate investment journey?

Sales manager

Sami Massik is the leader who possesses the vision and skills to achieve sustainable success for IDEX by attaining sales goals and innovatively developing operations. Sami is the driving force and the person who steers the company towards excellence and success by crafting innovative sales strategies and motivating his team to achieve the highest levels of performance.

Real estate Agent

Amatar Alama, a brilliant real estate advisor working at IDEX Company. With her wisdom and vast experience, she captivates the hearts of clients and presents them with the finest real estate offers. She goes above and beyond to fulfill their dreams and provide tangible solutions. Gaining the trust of clients, she forges strong relationships through her integrity and dedication. Amatar Alama, the inspiring figure with her exceptional spirit and remarkable achievements.

sales agent

Mohammed Al-Shahr, the radiant light in IDEX’s sky, a sales representative who shines with hope and dedication. His sincere words delicately touch others’ souls with sophistication and precision. He listens to their details and comprehends their needs accurately. He provides an exceptional service that exceeds their expectations. With his unique ability to uncover solutions and seize opportunities, he pulsates with the spirit of creativity and innovation. He ignites passion and inspires the team to achieve excellence.

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